Only Life Time Training can provide you with a program designed for all your body’s needs.

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TEAM Weight Loss

Get lean among friends.

You know that it takes more than sweat to sustain long-term weight loss. Our TEAM Weight Loss program is about being friendly and focused as we get fit together. Personalized, group training sessions are led by trainers who educate and inspire. All programming is based on our unique Know It. Nourish It. Move It. system.TEAM Weight Loss provides all of the resources and motivation you need to lose weight and stay lean.

3 Sessions/Week


Private Training

Totally personalized. Incredibly effective.

Based on our experience using the Core 3 Training method, your personalized training program will be built with science and delivered with passion. Weight loss, performance enhancement or just living better can all be achieved in our partner or one-on-one training programs. Our Life Time University-trained and certified fitness professionals have the solution. It could be the best investment of your life.


Alpha Training

Extreme. Intense.

Change your workout. Change your life. Alpha Training is the summit of Life Time Training group training. You’ll focus on Olympic lifting, plyometrics, sprints, body weight movements, tire flips and battle ropes. Constantly evolving and extremely addictive, Alpha is the ultimate in functional fitness. Alpha members agree: you don’t have to be an athlete to train like one. Give Alpha Training one year of your life, and you won’t believe where your body will take you.

2-3 Sessions/Week


TEAM Fitness

Push yourself to better health.

Workouts are most effective when you actually do them. TEAM Fitness is that special combination of fitness, friendship and fun that will have you coming back again and again. A strength and cardio training program at its core, this program is ideal for newer fitness fans and graduates of our TEAM Weight Loss program. If you are looking for a friendly and inviting atmosphere that will make you want to work out, this is the program for you.

3 Sessions/Week


Mixed Combat Arts

Release the warrior within.

You may never need to defend yourself, but knowing you can will build confidence and mental toughness in ways you’ve never imagined. Mixed Combat Arts combines conditioning and training skills based on principles of the world’s most exciting martial arts. Working individually with a trainer or a in fun group, you can learn the basics or step up to the highest levels of Fight Shape, Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu, Judo and Boxing. You may not need to fight, but you’ll look and feel like you could.

2 Sessions/Week | Max. 20 people/class


The Life Time Ultimate WorkoutSM

Cardio. Strength. Balance.

Ready for the next step in your fitness journey? Try cardio, strength and balance all in the same workout. The Ultimate Workout incorporates all the toys that make for an entertaining and challenging workout. You’ll use Life Time’s patented Ultimate Training System®, resistance bands, stability balls, the ViPR®, and the BOSU®. We promise our combination of work and play will change the way you look at exercise.

3 Sessions/Week


TEAM Bootcamp

Disciplined. Rigorous. Results.

Get back to basics with TEAM Boot Camp, the hardest fun you’ll have all week. A fast-paced cardio, body weight and resistance training program will whip you into fighting shape. No excuses. Just results. Strictly regimented and intense, TEAM Boot Camp quickly and efficiently builds lean muscle in a competitive and motivating atmosphere. Classes are held indoors and out, depending on the weather. Find visible results and quick success through high doses of camaraderie and support from other boot campers and your instructors alike.

3 Sessions/Week



Mindful. Movement.

Develop a strong, sleek, flexible body and take complete control of it with the mindful movement of Pilates. As you progress, you’ll begin to think, breathe and move in ways you never have before. Life Time Pilates is the largest Pilates program in the country. One of the original “functional fitness” programs, Pilates can be utilized on its own or as a great complement to weight loss, strength and endurance training. Private and group classes are available.

2 Sessions/Week | Max. 5 people/class


Nutrition Coaching

Personalized nutrition. Real Food.

Most of us think we know how to eat right. Yet much of what we think is healthy isn’t, and some foods we think are bad are not. Don’t let mistaken nutrition and lifestyle choices rob you of your goals. End the confusion with nutrition coaching. Get to know the foods that will help you stay healthier, trim body fat and gain lean muscle mass. Along with guidance, accountability and support, your coach will create a personalized lifestyle, nutrition and supplementation plan that is as simple to follow as it is satisfying.