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A new and complimentary offer from Life Time Training

By Anika Christ, RD

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Hi – I’m Coach Anika from Life Time.  I wanted to introduce to you a new and complementary service we are now offering with our personal trainers.  It’s called an Equipment Orientation and it’s a free and personalized experience exclusive to members.

We all know we need to strength train, and probably realize it’s important to the foundation of any fitness or health related goal.  But for many of us – we’re just not getting it in. Or worse, tried once or twice and never went back.

Maybe you started a consistent routine, but now you’re hungrier than normal and need an entire bowl of pasta when you get home – so you’re going up and down the same two pounds (and sometimes getting even heavier).

Or maybe you tried a machine once and got a twitch in your shoulder, so every time you think about getting on a program again, you think about how your shoulder hurt and end up putting it off.

As a fitness pro – I hear this all the time from clients.  They’ve either looked over at the “scary” part of the gym and gotten intimidated – worrying they’d look dumb  – or, they know they need to get over there and work it into their routine, but feel stuck or don’t have the time to figure it all out – so they stick to what they know.  And, at some point, we all fear we might get hurt (setting us back even further) either based on a past experience or knowing someone that has hurt themselves before.  This makes seeing results hard because your body will always adapt and can really only change when you add change to your routine.

These fears are EXACTLY why we came up with this offering.  Our trainers have spent thousands of hours being trained on how to use this equipment, and more importantly, which ones will match your goal.  They are the experts – it’s what they know and do each and every day.  Instead of you spending your time learning and trying to figure out what to do for your goal – let us use our expertise to not only show you how to use the stuff, but exactly what equipment you should be using as it pertains to your goal.

You might think you know what you are doing – but trust me.  We see it every day – people using either the same stuff over and over OR not using the right stuff to match their goal – both resulting in lack of results or even the wrong result.

Here’s the thing:  There are hundreds of pieces of equipment in the clubs. Most routines we make for our clients have maybe 7 to 10 machines at the beginning.  The right combination of 7 to 10 pieces of equipment depends completely on your goal.  Let’s say you want to be lean from the waist down – that routine looks much different than the one we create for someone who loves the look of bigger biceps.  And if you’re recovering from an injury or back pain?  The right strength training routine can not only help you heal, but also make you stronger.  You’ve heard it over and over:  muscle burns more calories than fat.  When you do cardio, you’re burning fat, but only during the workout.  When you build muscle, you’re burning fat ALL DAY LONG.

After being introduced to the fitness floor and the equipment that is right for you –you’ll know exactly which 7-10 pieces of equipment you need to incorporate into your routine today.  The trainer will find out from you exactly what kind of results you are looking for, and you’ll walk away with a completely personalized and dialed-in workout that was designed for you and your goals.  And you’ll be 100 percent confident on how to implement it right away.

To sign up – click the link below and we’ll get you scheduled right away.  Even if you feel like you’ve done this experience before – trust me, it’s completely different and something you’ll want to take advantage of.  This was designed for both the person who has no idea where to start and for the intermediate and advanced too. Already a pro at strength training?  Then you KNOW you have to mix it up to get through a plateau.  This is the perfect next step toward feeling confident with your workout while delivering the results you’re actually looking for.  You’ll know what to do, that it’s right for your goal – and feel confident (without getting hurt).

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