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2014 Life Time Training Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

By Tom Nikkola, CSCS, CISSN, Pn1

The perfect earphones. Awesome supplement stacks. The latest and greatest activity monitor.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the health-nut on your holiday shopping list, these are some awesome gift ideas. You may even wan to share this guide with someone who is going to to some shopping for you.

We are pretty selective with the items we offer in our online store, so if you don’t see the right gift below, browse the other items in the Life Time online store.

This year’s healthy holiday gift guide includes some product and services we’ve had for a while, and others we’ve introduced over just the past year. We offer a lot more than what’s included in this brief guide, but if you’re looking for something that’s sure to be appreciated, these are some of our top recommendations.

One last, important thing about the gift guide. You’ll see that some items have member and non-member pricing. If you are not currently a member, but like the idea of getting member pricing, you can join Life Time with a Life Time Health membership for just $10 per month. You don’t get access to the clubs, but you do get some awesome deals and advantages for being a Life Time Health member. Learn more about the Life Time Health membership here.

BlendTec Designer 675BlendTec Designer 675 | $550

Have you ever noticed that protein shakes taste a lot better at LifeCafe, or your favorite smoothie shop, than they do when you make shakes at home? One of the biggest differences in the taste and consistency of a protein shake comes from the blender.

Standard blenders don’t have the horsepower of commercial blenders. With a high-powered, quality blender, there’s a lot better chance you’ll keep making those healthy protein shakes.

The BlendTec Blender is an awesome gift for someone who makes a protein shake each day, but you can also make hot soup, fresh juice and tons of other recipes.

The BlendTec comes Smoothie, Ice Cream, Whole Juice, Hot Soup and self-cleaning preprogramed cycles. And it has an 8-year warranty!

This is part of the secret to LifeCafe’s amazing-tasting shakes.


Powerbeats by DreBeats Powerbeats by Dr. Dre | $149.95

Music plays a powerful role in exercise performance, even more so when you’re not messing with earphones that keep falling out or lousy sound. These earphones are perfect for intense training sessions.

Powerbeats strike the perfect balance between practical functionality and awesome sound. Powerbeats uses sweat-resistant materials and delivers deep base and clear highs. At the same time, the earphones let in ambient noise to keep people safe when training outside or on the road.

Whether your favorite tunes are country, rap, rock or classical, you’ll appreciate the quality of the sound and the fact that your earphones don’t fall out of your ears when you’re doing burpees, power cleans or sprints.


Premium Longevity & Vitality TestLongevity & Vitality Premium Lab Package | $795 | LT Mbr: $715

Ok, you probably haven’t had anyone ask you for lab testing for a gift. But once they’ve done the testing and had a lab interpretation with a Life Time dietitian, they’ll sure be thankful.

Lab testing could be the most valuable health and fitness service we offer. It gives a clear picture of how healthy someone is on the inside, so they can look and feel their best on the outside.

The Longevity & Vitality Premium lab test looks at advanced cardiovascular markers, sex hormones, signs of inflammation, total thyroid function, nutrient deficiencies and more.

Because lab testing requires a little more information to get things set up, you’ll need to connect with a fitness professional in the club, or have a fitness professional contact you.


pd-03-lgGarmin VivoSmart Activity Monitor (NEW ITEM) | $169.99

Haven’t you heard? “Sitting is the new smoking.”

Sitting for just a couple hours can increase lipids and decrease insulin sensitivity. That’s bad news if you’re trying to stay lean and healthy. The new Garmin VivoSmart  alerts you when you’ve been sitting too long, so you remember to get up and moving during your busiest days. It’s a watch that shows you your steps and distance walked. It also lets you know when you have a phone call, new text or email.

Not only is it an awesome activity monitor and smartwatch, but it also syncs with your Bluetooth heart rate monitor, so you won’t need a separate heart rate monitor and activity monitor.


Core 3 Training E-BookCore 3 Training E-Book | FREE

How does free sound? You can’t really wrap up the Core 3 Training E-Book, but recommending friends and family members read this brief manual might be the best git you could give them.

The Core 3 Training e-book outlines the Life Time Training method for designing health and fitness programs. It’s based on our experience with more than 400,000 clients.

Unlike most programs, our method isn’t about a specific diet or exercise program. The manual help you personalize your program like our fitness professionals do for their clients.

Sometimes the best things in life are free. We’d like to think that’s the case with the Core 3 Training e-book.

Just share the URL to the e-book:

Nutrition Coaching | LT Mbr: $69 per session and up

Our nutrition coaches play roles as nutrition experts, behavior change specialists, and lifestyle coaches. They know that “going on a diet” is a recipe for failure, but looking at food choices differently, and focusing on other important lifestyle factors like stress and sleep will make for a life-changing experience.

Whether someone is trying to lose weight for the first time ever, or simply trying to optimize his or her health, our nutrition coaches play powerful roles in achieving goals.

Sessions are typically 50-55 minutes at the beginning of a program, and may be shorter as the program progresses. If you know someone who always talks about their need to make better choices, but has a hard time actually doing it, nutrition coaching would make a great gift.


Life Time FastFuel CompleteFoundation Supplement Package | Varies based on products

High Quality Multivitamin – Omega-3 Fish Oil – FastFuel Complete

We consistently recommend these three supplements as the foundation for any good nutrition plan. We look at them as being part of a standard grocery budget.

The differences between store-bought multivitamins, and something like the Life Time or ThorneFX multivitamins is dramatic. These high-quality products include top of the line nutrients, delivered in ways that help maximize their absorption. In addition, countless studies have shown the value in fish oil. Like multivitamins, there is a significant difference in quality between cheap, mass-market fish oils and the oils and manufacturing we use for the Life Time Omega-3 Fish Oil or Super EPA Complex.

Finally, higher protein diets have been shown to support weight loss, performance and even help ward off some of the effects of aging. That’s where FastFuel Complete fits in. With the best source of protein available, grass-fed whey, and other nutrients like fiber and medium-chain triglycerides, this formula is great between meals or even in place of an occasional meal, when on the run.

We also offer a dairy-free and vegan version, Dairy-Free FastFuel Complete, with a great-tasting and nutrient dense blend of pea, potato and chlorella protein.


Elevate Energy ShotStudent Athlete Supplement Package | $130.97 (LT Mbr: $128.97)

Elevate – Amino Complex – Creatine Monohydrate

This supplement stack is great for most any athlete or weekend warrior, but it’s especially beneficial for student athletes, who may be buying low-quality sports nutrition products at the local nutrition shop.

Elevate is a pre-workout stamina shot with a blend of botanicals formulated with a proprietary extraction process. Unlike most “energy shots,” it isn’t loaded with caffeine and artificial ingredients. Read more about this powerful supplement in our past blog post, Elevate Your Performance With This Energy Drink Alternative. Students will love using Elevate for an all-night cramming session as well. As an added benefit, without the high doses of caffeine found in most energy drinks, it won’t cause a crash.

The second product in this stack is Amino Complex, a patented blend of amino acids, which has been shown to help increase lean mass, enhance fat metabolism, support healthy blood sugar levels, improve exercise capacity and more.* Most of the popular amino acid products on the market are loaded with artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners. You won’t find those in Amino Complex, but you will find one well-researched and patented formula that get results.

Finally, it’s hard to offer up a performance enhancement stack without including creatine monohydrate. Creatine is one of the most-studied performance enhancement supplements ever. With an extremely strong safety record, creatine has been shown to increase strength, power and lean body mass.* Creatine monohydrate is the time-tested, most-researched form of creatine. The Life Time creatine come from Creapure in Germany, the most trusted supplier of creatine monohydrate.


Life Time D.TOX ProgramD.TOX – Life Time Detoxification Kit | $244.50 (LT Mbr: $219.99)

We’ve seen a lot of silly detoxification programs on the market. In fact, we got so frustrated with what we saw, that we came up with this awesome program based on good nutrition, appropriate lifestyle choices and best-in-class supplements.

The D.TOX program makes for a great gift as it is a simple and powerful program that takes just a few weeks to get through, but the results can be amazing.

The D.TOX program includes:

  • D.TOX Practical Guide
  • 2 Containers of Dairy-Free FastFuel Complete
  • FiberMend
  • Detox Nutrients Packets
  • Before & After Questionnaires
  • Program Commitment Pledge
  • Grocery Store Tour (near a club)
  • 3 Educational Sessions (in-club)

Personal Training or Group Personal Training | Varies

Everyone has an athlete inside himself or herself. Life Time Training Fitness Professionals help their clients discover their physical and mental potential. Training sessions make a perfect gift for those who know they’re ready to commit to a program, whether they’ve never exercised in their lives, or if they’ve been at it for a while with mediocre results.

Private training provides the most personalized experience, but group training offers a community and competitive atmosphere some people thrive in. Group training programs include starting-level programs like TEAM Weight Loss up to Alpha Training, designed for those with a baseline level of conditioning and exercise experience, and who love to train like an athlete.

Because the right training program depends so much on an individual’s needs, we recommend you talk with a fitness professional to determine which program makes for the best gift.


We’ll be back next week with more great educational articles.

If you liked this guide, or you want to “hint” to someone else that some of these gifts would be on your wish list, please share it.

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