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10 Questions You Can Ask a Trainer for Free

By Reed Mosimann

You see them behind the desk and with other Life Time members, but have you approached our club trainers for guidance or support? Life Time fitness professionals have a wealth of health and exercise knowledge. While personal sessions come at a cost, trainers can answer many questions for free! Consider what you would like to ask to enhance your fitness experience, and use these ideas for initial inspiration.

How in the world does this machine work?

We have all looked at a fitness machine before and wondered anxiously, “How do I even get into that contraption?” Resist the temptation to avoid tools and equipment you’re not familiar with. We want you to get the best workout possible and to make the best use of the club! A trainer will gladly demonstrate the use of any machine for you.

What do you eat for breakfast?

Who better to get breakfast ideas from than someone who helps people build stronger, healthier bodies all day? Ask them about their favorite protein shakes or breakfast recipes. You could end up with a new morning lineup that trumps your old choices in both taste and nutrition!

All my coworkers wear those trendy activity trackers. Do they just look cool, or could one really do something for me?

Wearing an activity tracker certainly makes you look like you work out, but there are a lot of benefits beyond appearance. Every Life Time club offers a wide variety of activity trackers to assist you in reaching fitness goals — from counting steps to heart rate training to tracking your exercises. Ask a trainer which activity tracker is best for your personal goals and healthy way of life.

What’s the deal with protein powder?

Fitness secret: your body needs protein to support a healthy metabolism and to build muscle. Life Time has an amazing lineup of health supporting supplements, including protein powders, to assist you on your path to fitness success. Trainers can provide detailed information around which supplements might be right for you.

My hips are tight. What can I do to fix this?

Stretching and foam-rolling are essential for keeping your body in optimum shape, especially if you sit or stand in the same position for much of the day. All Life Time trainers are nationally certified to provide proper stretching and strengthening movements for your body, and they’re happy to demonstrate suggestions for you.

I know how much I weigh, but everyone says it’s not about the number on the scale. What should I pay attention to?

Your body fat percentage is a far better indicator of health than weight because muscle weighs more than fat. A Life Time fitness pro can help you find out your body composition, which will be the best number to follow as you progress toward your weight loss or fitness goals.

I have LT BUCK$ in my account. Can I use those for training?

Definitely! A trainer would gladly meet with you for a session to utilize your LT BUCK$. If you have particular fitness interests, let your trainer know. That way he/she can best prepare for your session. Warning: you may discover awesome new things on the fitness floor!

Does my form look good?

Maybe it’s the first time you’ve ever used a piece of equipment, or maybe your alignment just feels funky . Either way, you just want to double-check your form. Ask a trainer for quick tips on how to improve your form. Imagine approaching the squat rack with mad confidence!

I just joined Life Time and have this thing called a “Move It Session” scheduled. What will I be doing?

Don’t fear! A trainer won’t make you do box jumps your first time on the fitness floor. This is a complimentary session for you to meet with a trainer to get more comfortable with the equipment, talk about health goals, and lay out a personalized plan to reach them.

Can I try out a trainer for free?

(This is an article on free offerings after all.) The answer is yes! Workout Workshops are an excellent way to try out different trainers and formats of exercise. You could learn all about a new type of exercise to help you blast through that plateau and meet a professional who can help you take your fitness to the next level! Ask a trainer about the Workout Workshops coming to your Life Time club, or check out our events online.

If you’re interested in getting personalized support, schedule a consultation with one of our fitness professionals.

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